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tv   Fox 5 News on the Hill  FOX  September 11, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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> took, the is marking the 15th anniversary of the terror attacks. we're taking a live look at the pentagon where a flag is draped over the building. and those who were working inside the pentagon will gatherl for the exact moment the billing was hit. now several other ceremonies will be held throughout theroug country and later in this half hour the president will lead a moment of silence. fox5's alexandra limon, fox5 news on the hill. ronica cleary, bob cusak. good to see you this morning. of c
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little bit different todaynt t because ofcacence of thiics day.y. we reached another milestone, which seems like it was yesterday and then it seems like it was a long timing a at the same i read someone's remarks saying that there are moments when it feels so far away and other days where it just feels like you're just reliving that day. the people who this never goeses away for any day, the families of those who lost their lives is the horrible terrorists attacks of 9/11, we're going to check in at 9 pentagon with alexandra limon as they prepare for a memorial service. >>reporter: good morning, you are absolutely right about that and itut is a somber day not ony for those families, but for all of us as we mark this 15 year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on september 11 and as we await a memorial ceremony in just a little l while this is the image
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american flag draped over theer side of the pentagon. president obama is expected tom join the families of here, the exact moment that the plain struck the moment there will be a moment of silence with the families of the victims and the president is expected to make some remarks during that ceremony to honor all of thoseof people killed, all of those lives lost 184 to be exact that were killed both at the pentagon on, on the ground and of course also on board the flight. so again that ceremony scheduled to start around 9:30 this30 morning to honor awful the victims. several children among, the youngest just three years old so that ceremony will get started around 9:30 this morning and wed will bring it to i reporting life at the pentagon, alexandra limon, fox5 local news. > well, joining us this
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we have shaw shaderry from vet. org. thank you for being there. y one of the things we've been talking about people now willingly and quickly will talkl about veterans in this country in a way that we did not in this country probably about 9/11.9/ some of it has to do with lingering willing over how this country treated thell vietnam veterans. as you look back now on these 15 years, look at yourself now in 2016, who are you today versus the person you were prior to 9/11? >> great question. everyone has their own 9/11 story. i was commissioned as a secretary lieutenant in new york city. i'm from new york city born andn raised so i was at home inme i queens when the towers came down. our entire leadership was basedd on vietnam operations. when the towers came down everything went out the window what i was trained
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it's drastically trained my life, my outlook. i grew up in north, we had piece. it completely changed myself ane my colleagues.llea tell just a little bit about the experience you had. my husband decided to become a marine after 9/11. you were in this process before 9/11 so certainly your commitment to the country maybee changed drastically than youan might have tell us a little bit about that and how does that make you feel. >> for me, my father pushed mehe into the military and he wanted me for years, he said, why don't you look for more of a desk-topt job. i saids that meet what i want to do. i wanted to go into the infantrn first. it was exciting but scary at thy same i am too. it was completely different. we didn't train for that. a year and a half later we were in iraq and i was retraining my area till soldiers in infantry tactics. they never really trained for that. i myself as an
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trained those type of in fin tray-type tactics. it was a little different for obviously iraq right now is fairly chaotic. you have isis there. what's your feeling about the f state of iraq now. within the military veteran community there is there are different trains of thought. others who say we shouldn't be there at all a. others say we need full boots os the ground. what is in disdisputable is that isis needs to be destroyed. they can't continue to opt as a quasi state. how we do that is a different question. there needs to be a discussion.s we're looking at a life picturee right now of the flag that's draped over side of thee pentagon. this is a political show.w. we talk about politics every sunday morning here.he i'm struck by the difference in our political discourse now versus in the immediate days after 9/11 when
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tomorrow dash ill and georgeorge were burb hugging each in the military you got to workk with people you don't get along with. you have to work with people you really don't like. you've seen what gone on, what are the lessons that maybe we can see in the civilian world about how the military view its job of frankly working withrkin people maybe some teams youe don't get along wind chill it's a great question because whenoni came on -- i'm from new yorkom i'm actually a muslim americanlm as well.l. we never talked about politics, religionment it was look, we lo have a job to do and we have to make sure everyone comes home alive. we never had those discussions.i it was we have a shared common goal. the big disconnect is back after world war ii, so many veterans coming to congress, coming to the government working togethero even if they have a difference of opinions they say they have
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shared experience, we can workrk past now there's so few veterans serving in congress. that's why we want to put moree veterans in congress because we feel we can bridge that gap. i have friends on all side zoos of the political spectrum.spec we're all brothers and sisters, we were veterans together, we can work this out. > of course both donald trump and hillary clinton were set to visit ground zero today afterft they were both very vocal thisal week after laying a military plan to defeat isis. current strategy of top laying regimes with no plan for what to do the day after only produces power vacuum that are filled simply by terrorists. immediately after taking officeg i will ask my generals to present to me a
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days to defeat and destroy isis. ( athis will require military warfare, but also cyber warfare, financial war fire and identify logical fair. i think putting a big contingent of american ground troops on tht ground in iraq antsiry a would not be in the best interest of the fight against isis and other terrorists groups. in can pennsylvania, i think it would fulfill one of theireir deerest wishes which is to dragg the united states back into a ground war. here you have clinton and trumptr both talking about their military strategy. bob, let me start with you. did you hear anyone new fromr either one of them this week. >> no. i mean we're hearing the same sa things. a lot of questions about trump'p strat gym he won't reveal it. what do you this i about h that?
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doesn't want to reveal it. is that credible? >> here's the thing, theing, comments he's made, politics aside about the military in general the last couple of weeks it's very disturbing for a number off reasons. the military and the leadership we have now are the most experienced in the h history ofr our country. so for him to say that is not accurate. it is a little disturbing but i'm hoping he would surrenderlds himself with the proper military personnel to give him the giv knowledge and the education he needs because he's a hugege disconnect between what he sees and what the military is. one of the things i heard him say time and time again, beingg so open about the time to levyvy rack. that is not the way to win a war, to be so open and honest. that does seem to -- i'm not a military expert, but wouldn't in seem like't you wouldn't want yr enemy to know when you'reu're living? is
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to the idea of keeping somethinn close to the vest? maybe it's too much? what are your thoughts on that. >> they are valid i remember when i was in active duty and while i was in iraq we had the generals and the sece come commanders going over our operations and we had questions, they are wow, this is all out there publicly. we need to rely on the experienced combat test andt leadership that we have in the military. depending on what day of the of week it is, you're on the one hand trump saying i'm going to have the generals tell me in 30 days how to do this. he say he has some secret plan to defeat isis which he's going to keep a secret. the next he'll say the generals are going to tell him what to there's a about it of a circle. do you hear anything differenti from hillary clinton based upon what she'sy saying that's anyts different than what's gone on in the
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this point i don't see any clear differences from what clinton is saying than what has already gone on in the administration or put a cap on what has been going in syria what she said is incorrect. we have troops on the ground.d. let's give her the bonefit of the doubt. > why does she get the benefit of the doubt and trump doesn't.t >> she's still wrong. your combat plans, things haveas to be flu i. you have to maintain all options. mike tyson said back in the 80s, everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.e. to put it out there and say we're not going to do t something is a big mistake. you were surprised that she saidd never we will have troops. >> exactly. there's arguments should we, should we not, but you have to maintain all options. what you said earlier, are you u going to y
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to be are? you never know whatw is going to a. being in the combat zone things change on the dime. she needed to be more that wass an advisory force she was talking about.out. >> > lessons from vietnam, neveret say never because you don't know what's coming down the pike. we appreciate you you from giving some insight and we thann you for your service to this country as well. >> thank you. i appreciate it. > we're going to continue hereu in just a moment. 15 years now since the day that changed our nation forever. we're going to be taking a live look right now at new york city, aty, the world trade center.nter loved ones will soon be gathering to honor the victims and survivors of the september 11 attacks. fox5 news on the hill will continue, september 11, in justn a moment. oment.
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we are back and we are coming uo on 8:46, the moment when the first plane hit the to your of the world trade center in new york. in just a moment, president obama and the first lady they will come out on the front launch the white house and
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the nation on this anniversary.e let's listen in
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good morning, my name is jerry did i a.m. day oh. my dad advice event did i a.m. i day oh worked in the north tower. remembering back to the horriblb day 15 years ago that changed my life. i was 10 years old.d. my brothers were ate, seven and five. today i'm proud to be here toto memorialize my this is a place that gives me a chance to think about beautiful memories like christmas eve when dad took my brothers and i to work to give my momma breakment on 9/11 the nation cameme together. people really tried to help us. i spent endless summer at a camp for kids who lost family members on 9/11.1.
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the hill this morning.s you were looking at lifefe coverage there of the 9/1111 memorial ceremony in new yorkreo city this morning. we have been discussing the impact of this day, what it's been for the last 15 years and also some political discourse ia our country as we sit here. a bit of back and forth as we jostle between the scene going on at the pentagon over in arlington, virginia., you also saw in new york city this morning. one of the things we've discussed is how things have changed, the tone. >> yes. > how did it get to this point. >> i don't know.ow. it's really disappointing because one of the mostst beautiful members of 9/11 is when leaders, you referred to it earlier, the leaders on capitall hill and members of both partieh sang together on capital hill in a moment of county. since that time, of course we've had terror atck
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9/11, when now when a terrorist attack happens what do we see, finger pointing. >> i think there is a a frustration in the way the country should respond and how the country has responded andspn there is a divide. as much as the finger pointing may not bring us anywhere, i think there are people who truly feel if we sit here and singg together and we join hands arens we making the country safer? so while some of it is politics asc usual i think some of it is very reals anger and frustration in how the war has been handled,dld it's just such a complicated thing that i don't think peoplek want to have that feeling of county because they feel like ie is not the solution and they have a completely different idef of how we get to a place whereae the country is safer. it was the frustrations over the iraq war that rile started to turn how people talked to eachh other about politics in this
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country, whether or not we should have gone into iraq, whether or not it was proper to pursue al qaeda in afghanistan exclusively instead of expanding the war into iraq. you're looking at life pictures this morning on the left-hand side of your screen we believeie they're reading the names at t ground zero and on the right side of your screen you see the ionic image, which is really now the image at pentagon where a flag, if that was not the flag that was draped over the side of the billing the day of the attacks. a site i'll never forget being down there seeing the side of the building opened up the way it was, seeing the familymily members who were sitting on the grass near what was then a gas station, sitting there -- coming
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up to us if, a woman who said she wasn't going to leave until her family member came out.t. lives have started and been lived. bob barnard was speaking to the wife of jim lay check who was one of the victims in prince william county and i remembermeb her two children. jim low check's children wereere small children. bob had a picture. now they are both adults, college graduates, both and life in one way or another finds ands way to go on. i think it's also remarkable that we have not had a 9/11-like attack since. remember six months, a year, two years when the iraq war started people were bracing for another catastrophica attack. terrorism has changed. now it's more the loan wolf.lf. > sniper was going on.r wa >> it was
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you had the anthrax attack as well, which there are still aill lot of questions about that.ut it was a very unsettling time, but it's also a testament to our security officials who are on that wall every day that we have not had that type of attack ever again. it's not for a lack of crime hae ' for sure. it feels a little uncomfort to make the transition but we did want to take the time to talk about the raisin what everyone is talking about is the comments hillary clinton made on friday. let's talk aboutin this, which s getting so much attention. p if you didn't hear it, we've got it for you now. take a listen. to just be grossly generally stick, you could put half a trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorablables. the
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phobic, islam phobic, you name it. > let me just say from the bottom of my heart, hillary, they are not a basket of anything, they are americans and they deserve your respect. that's remarkable. she did not apologize. i think she probably will havel to apologize for that. she is already started to. you know what's in that basket?? in all seriousness?s? >> i don't know, tom, what's in it? half of this voting country and if you're going to be president of the united statests you have to not only represent the people in your basket but b the people that are in everybody's basket and if you're going to be president of this country, you're president of everybody. so democrats have, you know,w, problems in the past withhi
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remember pennsylvania eight years ago, people holding onto their guns and religion. guess what, barrack obama wounda up being president of those people who hold onto their guns. we spent this morning talking about 9/11 and where we are in our devisive we need to start bringing that back together and if you'rere going to be leader of this thi country you need to talk to the people in your basket and your basket. it's funny and it's a great point you make. when hillary clinton is not specificallyhi talking about donald trump t supporters she's sort of strad led this line before, but never with the terme the basket of deplorable as. she always say i want to be president for everybody.or you can't say that and then say that. i just think it was a mistake. she is going to have to try to fix this.s. i'd love to know where it camee from. we're going to be right back, fox5 news on the hill willll continue in just a moment
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examine the security of our homeland. e♪ as we pause to remember one of the darkest days in our nation's history, we get an assessment of future threats. >> you cannot eliminate all risk. whether it is a terrorist attack or a mass shooting. >> today secretary of homeland security jeh johnson on keeping america safe. then a debate between former house speaker newt gingrich, trump advisor and a clinton backer on which candidate is


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